Ideas for Seattle

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Soundcloud is an online forum and platform where you can hear new music and also can learn a lot about music. Music has a world within itself. This world is full of fantasy, love, joy, humor, honor, respect, care, emotions, sentiments etc. Technically it is an online platform that is used for a number of reasons. Most prominently it is used for the distribution of audio tracks for its users.

Through soundcloud, you can promote and distribute your music and audio recordings. There are also premium Soundcloud Followers advertising services like that can offer you a wide range of packages with followers and plays. Here’s their url: Also through soundcloud, you can interact with different people knowing more about their taste in music.

Users from different parts of the world are using soundcloud; this allows users to interact with people having different ethnic backgrounds, and cultures. Soundcloud is like a dynamic feature packed platform. It offers everything that a music lover would like to have. It gives its user best and quality music. Also all the latest updates in the field of music.…

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Soundcloud, the best platform for musicians

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Every day you will hear new stories about the online world. Through internet you can find any sort of information that you want to have. Technology has helped us in a number of ways.

Now you are not just restricted to extract information from books, instead now your life is much easier. You can Google any sort of information about business, educations, advancement in technology, entertainment etc. Also you can hear the latest music and watch movies online for free.

There are a number of websites like YouTube and Soundcloud where you can hear all the latest sound tracks and you can also buy Soundcloud followers for your profile that will upgrade your music fame. Recently it came to our notice that in china, the operations of Soundcloud have been stopped. The service was blocked due to which the company incurred heavy losses. This was very unfortunate news for the music lovers settled in china.

The users of Soundcloud living in china were upset by this unfortunate news. You can also purchase soundcloud followers from China. The population of China is considered as the largest population of the world. This means that a huge number of users are from china. …

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All About Nairn

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The town in it’s heyday was nicknamed the “Brighton of the North” because of it’s long sandy beaches stretching along the Moray Firth Coast. It also used to be a favourite stopover point for Charlie Chaplin during his vacations.…

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Some worry booster seat bill will strap small adults

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MONTGOMERY – A proposed law requiring those under 80 pounds to sit in a booster seat when riding in a car has people asking if petite grown women would have to ride in the contraptions.

That’s how some legislators interpret a bill requiring booster seats for automobile passengers who weigh between 40 and 80 pounds and whose seated torso measures less than 29 inches.…

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Governor seeks tax hike on business

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MONTGOMERY Gov. Don Siegelman on Thursday said he will ask state lawmakers to raise taxes on corporations by $160 million a year to try to prevent cuts in state spending for public schools and colleges.

He said he likely would call lawmakers into special session starting the first week in December to vote on his plan to close corporate income-tax loopholes and change the business privilege tax on a company’s net worth.

When asked if he was breaking his “no-new-taxes” pledge made while running for governor in 1998, Siegelman said, “First, I took a pledge to be the education governor. I took a pledge to put our children first.

“If I have to choose between a no-new-tax pledge and the children, I’m going to be with the kids,” Siegelman said. “I am sick and tired of us putting our kids out on the streets selling candy and magazines when they ought to be at home doing their homework.”…

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Matalin and Hughes stump for Rogers

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ALEXANDER CITY White House advisers Karen Hughes and Mary Matalin urged east Alabama voters Sunday to send 3rd District Republican Mike Rogers to Congress, to help Republicans keep control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“This race is so important that we’re double-teaming it today. We’re calling it the Thelma and Louise tour,” Hughes told about 100 people at a rally held at Central Alabama Community College here.

“This is an important race to keep our majority in the House,” said Hughes, 45, who was counselor to President Bush until she left the job this summer to return home to Austin, Texas. She still advises Bush.…

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Siegelman, Riley singing familiar tunes

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If some of the main arguments in the gubernatorial race have a familiar ring to them, that’s because they’ve been said before and by some of the same people.

Gov. Don Siegelman is in his third gubernatorial campaign and singing for the third time from the same populist songbook: We need more state funding for education, but instead of getting it from average Alabamians, we’re going to get it from a lottery and from people or groups who ought to pay more taxes.

Republican challenger Bob Riley is echoing an argument the Alabama Farmers Federation and other tax-wary groups have made for years: We’ve got to manage our money better before we even consider raising taxes.

The message both candidates have for the voters is clear: We have an answer to the state’s most pressing public problem, and it’ll hardly hurt you at all.…

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Candidates want input on spending

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MONTGOMERY Republican Bill Armistead says his experience in marketing and business development helps make him the best person to be Alabama’s next lieutenant governor.

“I’m the most qualified person for this job,” said Armistead, 58, a Columbiana resident who has been a state senator since 1994.

“I have run businesses for 30 years, and I know the most important issues we’re going to deal with over the next four years are financial matters,” said Armistead, who was Gov. Guy Hunt‘s chief economic adviser in 1988-92.…

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Congressmen want AIDB to be college

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WASHINGTON Two Alabama lawmakers Thursday proposed adding a two-year college component to the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and Rep. Bob Riley, R-Ashland, introduced legislation that likely won’t be considered until 2002 because the 2001 session is almost complete. Riley said the legislation calls for $1 million in federal funds but that the state also would pay a share. The program would offer students associate degrees or prepare them for four-year degrees.Their bills would establish the nation’s only two-year college program for sensory-impaired, deaf or blind students, at the school in Talladega.…

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Governor would up taxes; business would cut costs

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Governor’s plan

Gov. Don Siegelman said Thursday his corporate tax package would:

End consolidated filing. That’s the practice of applying losses from operations in other states to reduce a company’s tax liability in Alabama. Some companies that paid more than $1 million a year in corporate taxes in 1998 paid only a $12,500 consolidated filing fee in 2000 and zero income taxes. Business says Alabama tax laws are comparable to other states’ and that abolishing this would result in plant closings and job losses in Alabama.

Address a practice that lets companies apply one year’s losses to future years’ taxes. Until 1991, the state limited the amount of net operating loss that could carry forward to $600,000. Now that it’s unlimited, just in the past few years the cost of this deduction to the state has doubled from $20 million annually to $40 million.

Plug provisions that allow companies with multistate operations to reduce their tax liability by transferring money out of state in the form of royalty payments, high management fees or inflated costs.…

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Riley gets Army apology over depot controversy

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WASHINGTON The Pentagon should reassign control for the chemical demilitarization program, taking it away from Army officials who once planned to ambush Alabamians in a public relations ploy, U.S. Rep. Bob Riley said Thursday.

An assistant secretary of the Army has apologized to Riley for the scheme, which was discussed in recent e-mails but never implemented.

“We’ve reached the point where the lack of credibility makes it difficult for this process to move forward unencumbered,” said Riley, an Alabama Republican who is running for governor. “We need to look at a reorganization, not only in the lines of communication but also in responsibility for funding.”…

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