Best CBD Oil for Migraines: A New Cure for an Old Illness?

Migraines are a mystery. So far, science hasn’t been able to pinpoint what causes them, nor provide an actual cure. Those that suffer from such headaches know that existing solutions are far from ideal, and often turn to unusual remedies. Some studies suggest that CBD is more effective than migraine prescriptions, and many of us wonder — what is CBD, and what’s the best CBD oil for migraines?


What Is CBD Oil and How Is It Useful?

Simply put, CBD oil contains substances that affect the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. For instance, these substances can have beneficial effects on various ailments like inflammations, anxiety, and pain relief. Similarly, as they can affect pain receptors in our brains, they can also help ease the debilitating symptoms of migraine headaches.


Moreover, unlike many commercial drugs, this oil is natural, non-toxic, non-addictive, and doesn’t affect things like blood pressure. Almost anyone can use it. 


CBD oil has one more thing going for it — it comes in a variety of forms. You can eat it like gummy bears, wear it like a patch, apply it like a cream or moisturizer. Yes, you can even vape or smoke it.


It’s no wonder CBD’s popularity is on the rise. Of course, it’s because these products are so popular that it’s so difficult to deal with all the brands and companies. In fact, the market is full of scammers that sell generic “hemp seed oil” products that contain no CBD at all!


Though research is still ongoing, it seems that higher concentrations of CBD make the difference in helping with migraines. The quality of manufacturing is also important. Processes like solvent-free CO2 extraction help preserve the magic, and affect the final product. Of course, all that won’t do much good if the hemp itself isn’t rich in those vital ingredients.


That is why a good product is worth searching out. You have to make sure that your oil comes from reputable sources and is safe for human and pet consumption. We went through the trouble of finding the very best CBD oil for migraines, sourced from industry leaders.


The Best CBD Oil for Migraines


1. Royal CBD 

This is our top choice, as it has the best and most flexible product line. Of course, it has edibles and gummy bears, but more importantly, it offers full-spectrum tinctures. A range from 250 to 2500mg in concentration means that you can tailor your dosage to your needs and pain level.


2. NuLeaf Naturals

A veteran of the industry, NuLeaf Naturals helped pioneer many of the transparency and growth standards in use today. They offer premium CBD oils, a full-spectrum, whole-plant product with no additives or flavoring whatsoever. What’s more, their top-tier CBD oil taps out at a whopping 6000mg of concentration! You can even read the lab results for each batch on their website.


3. Spruce 

Spruce make their CBD oils from high-quality strains of hemp, containing strong concentrations of CBD and other useful substances. Third-party lab tests affirm their quality and philosophy of bringing only the cleanest products to market. That’s why you won’t find any gummy bears here, only high-quality, high-concentration tinctures.


4. CBDPure 

A maker of full-spectrum oils according to best industry practices, including testing and growing organic hemp. The product line is not as developed as some of the others, but they are quite affordable. We would recommend their 300mg full-spectrum CBD oil as the perfect starting point for anyone interested in trying things out. The pleasant natural hemp flavor is a bonus.


5. GoldBee 

As their name suggests, this company believes in our collective relationship with nature. That’s why they bring the benefits of natural, non-GMO honey and CBD oils to the world. If you believe in their mission as we do, consider supporting their high-quality products. Since their oils also contain honey, they are by far the most delicious option.


One Last Thing…

There’s much more to say about CBD oils, but the most important thing is to experiment. For example, finding the best CBD oil for migraines won’t mean as much if you hate the taste! That means finding the solution that best suits your needs is the best move you could make. Of course, any of the manufacturers listed above are a great place to start. Experiment with flavors, packages, and concentrations, and you could be on your way to improving your health.


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